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Cajun Outdoor Cooking / Cajun Kitchen Cookware / Roasting Pots / Large Roasting Pot

Large Roasting Pot

Large Roasting Pot

Large Roasting Pots



Large Roasting Pot

Manufacturer: McWare



Large Roasting Pot

Roasting Pots

Item #:  GW 10050

MSRP:  $160.00

Our Price:  $145.99




This large roasting pot is can roast two whole chickens or a small turkey.  The large roasting pot is the size granny used when cooking her Thanksgiving turkey.  We have heard that people use the large roasting pots when they are cooking outdoors.  The large roasting pot has thick walls and a thick lid like granny's.  There is a trivit that comes with it that lifts your meat a little off the bottom.


Large Roasting Pot includes:

  • Trivet

  • Roasting Pot Lid

Large Roasting Pot Shipping Weight:  12 lbs


The Large Roasting Pot by Bruce Foods usually ships within 2 - 3 days, however, due to product availability, please allow up to two weeks to receive your product. If you need a Large Roasting Pot shipped sooner, please e-mail for availability. We do offer upgrades on shipping. Please include your day time phone number and e-mail address.


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